I thrive on dichotomy. The tension between my artistic passion and my thirst for scientific knowledge have so far led me on a windy, peculiar, but a rather fascinating road. I completed my first degree in Vancouver as a Geophysics Bachelor of Science at the University of British Columbia. I then took a leap around the world to indulge in my second degree: a Master of Architecture at the University of Melbourne. Architecture and the process of design thinking more specifically has proven to be an invigorating stimulus. I have come to view architecture as a devoted relationship between two opposing elements: the creative and the analytical, the vague and the quantifiable, and the conceptual and the physical. As a designer, I aspire to teeter on the line edge between these conflicting realms so I can make you, the user, uncomfortable. It is there where we are able to connect the most, play the most, and feel the most. Freak. the chair offers you that gift.


Freak. the Chair explores the multiple ways a human body twists and contorts in its physical environment by inspiring a physical interaction with this bulbous inflatable. Hand-cut and tailored to its narrative, the chair dreamily adopts an animalesque form with a shiny, black, latex-resembling skin.